Throughout the designing process, we have studied the definitive, visual and abstract meanings of ornament in order to understand its potential interpretations and transliterations to the Hungarian and other cultures. Due to our doubts concerning the precarious and uncertain roots of visual shapes, we have found the most natural bond in the language and in its recurring patterns. Our approach was to find certain manifestations of the language, which are possible to be visualised or objectified. We have found this possibility in the trio of tales, superstitions and sayings. Similar to the elements of folktales, our objects are accustomed household pieces, which bare an extra, special skill.

The central symbol of grain-based dietary is bread; expressing the respect towards bread, we have placed it in the centre of the table. Accompanying it, we made an experimental series of plates with a charred base, reminiscent of open-air grilling and cooking on fire.The tipping intersection of the mobile shelf along the brushy top of the upper part leaves a range of possibilities to the user as much as it is to inspire consideration and conscious utilization. The materials combined in the animorph seats with a two-stick end allowed us to experiment and also to put an emphasis on the alternations of cross-sections.

Project: Nelli Szabó/Hidegszoba studio
Photo credit: Aliz Török

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