I am dynamized by the opposites. For me being right on the edge is the point I can take rest before making a decision, however it is also the place where I can feel the tension the most coming from the opposites. The extremism is the inevitable necessity which is required to dislodge things from the intermediate state, from the standstill, to push them to a determined direction. The standstill is the comfort of the uncertainty, the lack of answers, the YES and NO polarity. A temporary truce only. The perhapses and maybes are unfinished, meanwhile the YES and NO are certainties. If I move from the edges, instead of having the opportunities of the maybes and perhapses, towards the certainty of the yeses and nos, I feel the weight of my decisions. I love finishing things, I like to get things done, but I am scared of the weight of the certain decisions. Balancing on the edges is tiring and boring, but I still love being on the edge, as the egde = process. If I take a step, if I move, will everything end? Will everything be black and white? Sooner or later yes... But I really love the feeling of having many chances, the feeling of maybes, because what happens, if I change my mind?

Project: Nelli Szabó
Photo credit: Aliz Török

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