This ensemble of objects was created for special situation, a reception after the opening of an exhibition. My basic assumption was to show, unlikefood design, how it is possible to communicate through the way of eating, and not the food itself, and create a new, unusual experience in dining with some objects. The structure of the table can be disassembled in a mobile system, which can be set up quickly and easily, and it can be expanded in case of using it by several people. The table top is a thin sheet of laser-cut which is the tableware as well. Participants can break their own devices along the perforations, a tray or a spatula that are needed for consuming the food.

Under the board sheets there are the food and drinks placed(bread and water). I wanted the food to remain simple, because the process of consuming was important, the ritual, and not the expensive raw materials. The objects actually help the dramaturgy of the event, the two additional objects also have some specific functions. From the bag placed on the board the participants can assemble a package of tools used for eating, that they may take away, thus contributing to the solution of cleaning problems. If everyone takes their own tableware away or at least disposes it, there will be no need for cleaning it up.

The objects and the materials used can be recycled, for example, the tray can be used after the event as a cutting board, and the drink can be disposed into some lock bags, which will be used after the consumption of the liquid therein. On the second additional object napkins will be placed. Following the system of the table, from the large material, reminding a flag, smaller squares can be torn off along the perforation. By the end of the event, together with the food a portion of the objects also runs out, which is both symbolic and practical.


FUGA//Budapest Center of Architecture - Budapest (2016)



Project: Nelli Szabó
Photo credit: Aliz Török

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